REVIVE Team Training with Youth Alive! in Oakland, CA

The REVIVE team went to Oakland, CA to receive training from Youth Alive! founder of Caught in the Crossfire, a hospital-based violence intervention program. We are working to start the evidence-based program in Kansas City, KS in partnership with the University of Kansas Hospital System.

REVIVE is supported through a collaboration of ThrYve partners including the University of Kansas Hospital System Case Management Division, Ad Hoc Group Against Crime, Wyandotte County Community Corrections, and ThrYve staff with the KU Center for Community Health and Development.

Through REVIVE, collaborative partners who are part of the ThrYve Systems Advisory Board, will deploy a network of supports for youth and family who are admitted at the University of Kansas Hospital due to intentional injury with the aim of reducing retaliation, decreasing the likelihood of recidivism back to the hospital, and encouraging positive alternatives to violence.